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Il Gesto Digitale

The Digital Gesture Raul Gabriel Edizioni Vita e Pensiero in collaboration with the newspaper Avvenire 'Pagine Prime' series From the first

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SILKOCOONS Silkocoons, La Sapienza Rome / Shanghai Expo 2010 The Silk Road represents a recurring feature in the history of

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Sacro contemporaneo Xfiction Raul Gabriel ©


Xfiction video work Raul Gabriel © Sacred Contemporary and Xfiction. “Truth is by its nature ambiguous – Raul Gabriel says

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THEFLY ZOO ORANGE #3 Raul Gabriel 140x140


Painting as writing. What is represented is not a painting issue but of illustration, a non-essential caption of the plot

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The Glorious nothing

the Rivoli2 Foundation in Milan will host Raul Gabriel's project "The Glorious Nothing" (prologue) with which the artist presents the

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genesis code

Genesis Code Raul Gabriel © Genesis Code is a ‘digital test-tube’ that contains groups of primary forms and a quantity

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“An indecipherable relationship between case and cause. An indecipherable relationship between scriptures and forms. The regurgitation of the concept that

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Irrelevant Codes
Virtual Apraxia Raul Gabriel The Format Contemporary Gallery Milan
The Glorious Nothing

“Quando tocca terra la neve si sporca. E rimane pura. Puro e sporco, irrilevante ed essenziale. Il nostro corpo, i corpo dell’arte, il corpo del mondo. Il corpo della nostra esistenza.”

” Touchin’  ground,  snow gets dirty. Yet,  pure. Pure, dirty, irrelevant, essential. Our body, body of art,  body of the world.  Whole body of existence”

The Glorious Nothing

Raul Gabriel

ZOO series
ZOOBLACK SHE Raul Gabriel 2019 150x150 detail
ZOOBLACK SHE Raul Gabriel light1
ZOOBLACK SHE Raul Gabriel 2019 150x150 detail
ZOOBLACK SHE Raul Gabriel light2
ZOOBLACK SHE Raul Gabriel 2019 150x150 detail
ZOOBLACK SHE Raul Gabriel light3

“La luce, forma e materia.

Light, form and matter”

ZOO series Raul Gabriel ©

Last Show UK may-june 2020

Body and Soul

Raul Gabriel

Dekka Arts

The show features work from Italo Argentine contemporary artist Raul Gabriel and illustrates his development through three series of works: Fierce Paintings, the Writing series and his ZOO series. These illustrate themes of materiality, energy and living form that Gabriel has explored.
Raul Gabriel blue ZOO #1 50x30 2013