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Contemporary ambo for the church of Olmo from the project of Raul Gabriel

Olmo's ambo concepts

Ambo, word, sound, vibration, prophecy, openness, explosive and light force at the same time. From the structural linguistics that I borrowed from the church and rethought to give shape to the ambo of the church of Olmo. The main structure refers to the fundamental of the ambo: the stone that opens as a result of the regenerating thrust of the word. Word that is made dynamic, imbalance towards man, towards the assembly, unbalanced equilibrium, which suggests vitality and strength in the very moment in which it is generated.

Structural and symbolic syntax

Three elements, one central and two lateral, whose positioning and shape suggest an existing detachment, almost becoming two wings on the sides of the central body. All three elements are characterized by a fusion of linear geometries and differently distributed curves that seek a synthesis of the construction syntax of the church with particular reference to the formal concepts of the apse vault. The central block has as its fundamental structural element the combination of a vertical ascent of the body with the ascending ramp of the upper surface that tends upwards, the sky and the assembly, inside a splay that takes up one of the constituent themes of the church. The central body is crossed at different levels by four cuts of rectangular section. Symbolically the four evangelists who become like organ pipes, different and united in a form that I like to think of as the throat of the prophets.


The ambo that I designed for the church of Olmo is no exception to the other elements. Conceived as a peculiar manifestation of a unitary harmony, essential for the symbols to interpret the meaning and rhythm of the events of the single liturgical path

“Whatever is, is somewhere else”

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