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Contemporary and sacred art, the single body

I am convinced that there is no form of contemporary art that more than others can concretize the demands of the sacred and I am equally convinced that there is no form of the sacred elected to the primacy of artistic sublimation. The sacred, whatever it is, is an all-encompassing question which no aspect of reality escapes, every form of which, whether we like it or not, embodies an aspect, a manifestation, a form. Contemporary and sacred art cannot evade a relationship that is written in their very reason for being, a relationship that goes beyond any logic of style to get straight to the substance of an encounter.

Raul Gabriel

From the reflection of Raul Gabriel published in the magazine of Vita e Pensiero, editor of the Catholic University:

The siren and the peacock

“(…) You cannot have freedom without experiencing its disorientation. We can redesign the forms, evolve the relationship between meaning and symbol towards a new phase. As long as you face the unknown, renounce prejudices and position income, as long as you want to open up to the other and to others. I do not see today conflicts unheard of in the last century and in the previous ones. The duel between the form, its truth and the solidity of its structure is always the same, never resolvable once and for all, fortunately. Today more than ever, starting a productive path in art at the service of the sacred and in art tout-court means practicing comparison, sharing and experimentation. (...) "