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Portal, door and passage for the church of SM di Colle Raul Gabriel ©

The theme of the church passage is a complex one. Already from my first experience in which I faced the redesign of the church of Santa Maria di Colle in the center of Perugia I am convinced that it is impossible to deal with the various parts separately. The door needs a portal and introduces the passage which is the place of transition to the sacred place. There are countless structural themes of light direction through which the meaning can be made tangible and visible. In fact, the compass has the value of light. You enter the sacred place and then you enter a new light. The passage, in the past and still today imagined as a closed place, represents for me the moment in which to address the theme of light to give it body.

Portal door and church passage

The door and the portal represent my interpretation of the sections and lines of the architecture of Santa Maria di Colle, summarized in the theme of the curtain. The counterpoint of extrusion and intrusion of the various levels of the portal and main door give account of the always unresolved and vital dynamism of the entire architecture of the church. The passage takes up the structural theme, though conceived from the inside. The passage that I imagined for Santa Maria di Colle is like a precious gem whose cuts reconstruct the tension of the church lines, and whose direction is unbalanced towards the presbytery. 

Of the complex that I designed for the SM di Colle passage, only the door has been built for the moment. My complete project for SM di Colle was acquired for possible future completion by the curia of Perugia which owns it, subject to copyright.

Below are some pictures of the door as it was made taking note of some requests of the client in terms of material and color.