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Genesis Code
Raul Gabriel ©
Genesis Code is a ‘digital test-tube’ that contains groups of primary forms and a quantity of sound objects created by the artist. It contains also a digital process that composes their visual and sonic composition  never repeatable. The formal process is triggered by a, alphanumeric string ( any kind of text) inserted inside the test-tube through the keyboard. The code’s architecture, which includes a random component, causes the compositional process  and the  final image to be uniquely linked to that particular text according to an always unrepeatable development. Uniqueness and unrepeatability make of  Genesis Code
the visual incident of the perception main issue. Reality can never be experienced, visible, measurable, appreciable, twice in the same way.
Genesis Code investigates the very essence of creation process producing constantly heterogeneous results regardless of the similarities of  starting elements.
An alphanumeric string is entered via keyboard. The ‘digital test-tube’ transforms input into a visual and sound event represented by the progressive stratification of visual and sound elements  created by the artist. The result is in all respects the static and dynamic ‘portrait’ of that specific
alphanumeric code. In Genesis Code  word is at the same time ‘engine‘, as it constitutes the code that generates the process, and
‘trigger’, being the proper  cause that generates the process.  Form is irreducible to a conclusive, decorative, didactic purpose.  Form draws justification by the process itself. Nothing more needed  Structure is final only by convention. It does not contain any real description, decoration, meaning, that ‘does not come from’ and ‘is not generated by’ the process itself. The only possible aesthetic system.
Raul Gabriel