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Raul Gabriel Il Gesto Digitale Vita e pensiero editore

Il Gesto Digitale

Raul Gabriel

Edizioni Vita e Pensiero in collaborazione con il quotidiano Avvenire

collana 'Pagine Prime'

From the first computer bought "without enthusiasm" twenty years ago to deal with e-mail up to the daily experimentation «of possibilities, of languages, of virtual and concrete experiences together» which are profoundly transforming the expressive research. Retracing this unpredictable journey across the borders opened by digital is Raul Gabriel, a visual artist engaged on multiple fronts. An "irreducible self-taught", always ready to clash with the tools of his work: "Only in this way - he writes - I can appropriate them". Day after day digital has become the extension of the hand, like a brush, camera, pen, chisel. All within reach of a click, free of weight but not of substance; all interchangeable, not always fluid but extremely subversive in their unsettling contiguity. The book is the trace and story of a surprising discovery, namely how much digital is today the Galilean experimental chamber that allows you to verify philosophical intuitions obtained by syllogism over the centuries. The digital, a place where it is possible to demonstrate philosophy, essence, substance and form, the breeding ground of 'digital stem cells', as Raul Gabriel defines them with a decidedly new term that transports the reader into the new hybrid capable of revealing the most of the body itself. To put it in the words of Roberto Diodato: «And yet all this is only a part of the richness of this precious little book, entering an artist's studio, into the mind, gesture and space, this is the fascinating and priceless rest that this reading offers us".

Available in all the best bookstores from 09 12 2022