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Raul Gabriel's contemporary altar, Olmo's church


With the altar for the church of Olmo I made my own formal and substantial synthesis of the church. Imagining that the church is born from the altar, it contains my interpretation of the spatial meaning and content of the place. Made to be the focal symbol of the presbytery, a concentration of all the dynamic and visual tensions of the place.

The altar body

The central body is symmetrically asymmetrical, crossed by strong structural tensions. Monolithic, parallelepiped tending to the cube for solidity, it is crossed by four slits that cut it but not completely and that seen from above clearly delineate the shape of a cross.

The altar table

La mensa presenta la parte inferiore curva , congruente alla concavità asimmetrica che si trova sulla parte superiore del corpo centrale. Le due parti sono unite da due elementi, parallelepipedi asimmetrici .

Materials and concepts

The body and table of the contemporary altar of Olmo are made of Saracen stone, while the parallelepipeds are made of the materials of the baptismal font, blood and water, which are the founding and constitutive elements of the church itself. John Chrysostom says: “…Ora la Chiesa è nata da questi due sacramenti, da questo bagno di rigenerazione e di rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo per mezzo del Battesimo e dell’Eucaristia. E i simboli del Battesimo e dell’Eucaristia sono usciti dal costato…”

Contemporary sacred: Raul Gabriel on the contemporary altar:

“Making an altar is the perfect metaphor for attempting completion. The altar is the closest thing to completion that we have available. Each with his altar, in his own creed, in his own faith. This is why in the context of a church this is the most compelling and all-encompassing challenge. "


"Thinking about an altar is like conceiving the center of the universe. It must be perceived that everything that is in the church is understood as an expansion of the altar ". Raul Gabriel

Altare contemporaneo Olmo Perugia Raul Gabriel ©
Contemporary altar Olmo Perugia Raul Gabriel © contemporary sacred
Contemporary altar by Olmo Raul Gabriel © gallery