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Raul Gabriel biography,  CV,  selected shows,  artistic interventions,  contemporary art, art and sacred, lectures,  publications,  public works.
Raul Gabriel

Some solo and group shows

2000 | “Periscopio” public group show, curated by Francesco Tedeschi, Palazzo delle Stelline Milan. “Angels” curated by Flaminio Gualdoni , Fabbriche EOS Gallery, Milan

2001 | “Fierce Painting” Raul Gabriel solo show curated by Flaminio Gualdoni, Poggi Gallery, Ravenna

2003 | “Body I am, nothing else” Raul Gabriel solo show curated by Eleonora Fiorani, Mudima Foundation ,Milan

2003 | 2005 Quadriennale of Rome

2006 | “ Welcome to his planet” Raul Gabriel solo show

curated by Dafydd Roberts. Londra, Broadbent Gallery.

2007 | “Traffic Lights Concert” Raul Gabriel solo show and video sound performance Milano,

Public space Spazio Oberdan.“ Grain Circles” Raul Gabriel solo show a cura di Gianluca Marziani.

Rome, Gallery Pino Casagrande.

“Urban Trash” Raul Gabriel solo show Milano, Grossetti Gallery contemporary art

2008 | “Colournocolour” Raul Gabriel solo show Perugia,Armory Gallery.

2010 | “Silkocoons”, Raul Gabriel concept project of Silk Road. Shangai, World Expo.

“Gudbike” Raul Gabriel installation Bologna art fair , Bologna city center.

“GudBike”, Raul Gabriel solo show curated by Gianluca Marziani. Spoleto, Palazzo Collicola, Two World’s Festival

2011 | “Bak2Berlin” Raul Gabriel solo show ArtMbassy Gallery, Berlin center “O-ONE” Raul Gabriel video installation, Spoleto Two world’s Festival, curated by Paolo Bolpagni, sponsored by Monini, Spoleto.

2012 | “+50 Sculptures in the city ”, curated byGianluca Marziani. Spoleto.

“Topos Tomie”, Raul Gabriel solo show curated by Paolo Bolpagni.Perugia, Palazzo Conestabile della Staffa.

2013 | “Lumen Ray” international group show. Milan, Jerome Zodo Gallery.“ Caro Cardo”, Raul Gabriel solo show curated by Francesco Tedeschi full professor in history of contemporary art University of Milan, Assisi, Porziuncola Museum.

“Worm$”, Raul Gabriel solo show curated by Guido Cabib . Milan,The Format contemporary art gallery.

2014 | “OnetoOne”. Pavia, Broletto Arti Contemporanee. “Sign, Body, Sacred” Raul Gabriel solo show Brescia Diocesan Museum and Paolo VI Collection of contemporary art . “Sinopiae. Raul Gabriel meets Lucio Fontana”, Raul Gabriel solo show curated by Paolo Biscottini. Milan, MUDI Museum. “Virtual Apraxia”, Raul Gabriel solo show, text by Roberto Diodato philosoper and University professor, curated by Guido Cabib . Milan,The Format contemporary art gallery.

2015 | “Back2Berlin”, Raul Gabriel solo show curated by

Haim Baharier. Milan, Auditorium San Fedele. “Xfiction”. Raul Gabriel video installation and solo show Brescia city center, two venues. Della Loggia

square and Cathedral.

2016 | “Si fece Carne”, curated by Federica Chezzi,international group show with Yves Klein, Nan Goldin, Mark Wallinger, Raul Gabriel, Adrian Paci and others. Florence, medicean basilica of st Lorenzo. “ Michetti prize”, curated by Luciano Caramel. Francavilla al Mare, Michetti Museum.

“Design behind Design”, XXI Triennale of Milan.

2017 | “The Glorious Nothing” Raul Gabriel solo show

curated by Nicoletta Castellaneta, Rivolidue foundation, Pacta Salone theatre Milan.

“Body out of the rule – Via Crucis of form” Raul Gabriel solo show texts by Stefano Castelli, art critic, and Cesare Pagazzi theologician. Romanengo citadel, Milan.

“LuceBuio” Raul Gabriel solo show , texts by Paolo Bolpagni, Alessandro Beltrami. Curated by Divisionism Foundation of the Bank Cassa di Risparmio Tortona, and Diocesan Museum of Tortona. Two venues: former cotton factory Delle Piane and Diocesan Museum of Tortona.

“CorpoVivo: William Congdon and Raul Gabriel” in collaboration with the William Congdon Foundation Milan, St Angel , Milan

2019 | “La Sixieme Republique” Raul Gabriel solo show, texts by professor Alberoni, Full professor in Sociology , former Rector of Trento University and IULM Milan. Public Archives of the city of Milan, Milan “The Circle “ curated by Nicoletta Castellaneta and Rivoli2 foundation , Private Banking Italian Association Venue, Milan.

2020 | BODY AND SOUL Raul Gabriel solo show , DEKKA-ARTS GALLERY Margate, Kent, UK may-june

Alongside the visual artistic project the philosophy beyond his work and approach has been exposed in given lectures and theoretical actions. These are some of them for the period 2010-2017

2010 | “I martedi critici”, curated by Alberto Dambruoso. Rome.

2013 | “5 chairs: State steps”, Raul Gabriel artistic and philosophical action

curated by Roberto Diodato, professor of philosophy, university of Milan, Milan, Esthetics department.

2015 | “The One Investigation” Raul Gabriel theoretical lecture curated by Giancarlo Lacchin. Milan, university of Milan philosophy department.

2016 | “Chair’s distopy”, Raul Gabriel theoretical lecture curated by Giancarlo Lacchin. Milano, university of Milan, philosophy department.

2017 | “Philosophy and figurative arts”, Raul Gabriel debate with Giuseppe

di Giacomo, full professor of Esthetics University La Sapienza of Rome,

curated by Elio Franzini, full professor of Philosophy and Rector of the University of Milan.

2018 | City of Milan public Archives, “Art and urban context, perspectives”

Art and Sacred selection

Interventions of a liturgical nature

2009 – 2013 | Overall liturgical redesign of the Church  Santa Maria di Colle Perugia. Liturgist Mons. Vittorio Francesco Viola. Complete documentation and drawings of the project acquired by the Archdiocese of Perugia.
2013-2015 | Liturgical adaptation, liturgical elements for the church of Santa Maria della Speranza Olmo, Perugia. Liturgist Mons. Vittorio Francesco Viola.
2019 | (in progress) Liturgical elements for the parish complex and new church project for Torre Calzolari, Diocese of Gubbio. Architect Giuseppe Lepri. Liturgist Mons. Vittorio Francesco Viola

Lecture, essays and presentations

2011 | “The challenge of contemporaneity” Presentation at the Paolo VI Contemporary Art Collection in Concesio of Raul Gabriel’s Project for Santa Maria di Colle with the director Paolo Bolpagni and the theologian Paolo Gamberini SJ.
2014 | Screening and presentation of the Xfiction video work by Raul Gabriel Collegio San Carlo of Milan, with Msgr Domenico Sguaitamatti, Paolo Gamberini SJ, architect Carlo Capponi responsible for cultural heritage of the archdiocese of Milan.
2012-2014 | Raul Gabriel is a speaker at the seminars on Art and the Sacred at the Higher Education School of Art and Theology, Pontifical Theological Faculty of Southern Italy, Naples.
2012 | Auditorium Conciliazione Rome, projection of Raul Gabriel’s opera video Xfiction at the opening of the international conference ‘Jesus our contemporary’
Debate on the work of Raul Gabriel’s Xfiction, aula magna LUMSA Rome with Mons. Pierangelo Sequeri, Vittorio Sozzi in charge of the Cultural Project, Lorenzo Canova, critic.

2014 | ‘Contemporaneity of the sacred: the strength of the relationship’ debate starting from the exhibition dialogue of the Raul Gabriel’s works with Costantino Ruggeri. Lecturer’s Paolo Biscottini director of the Diocesan Museum of Milan, Paolo Bolpagni director of the Ragghianti Foundation of Lucca, architect Andrea Vaccari, the historian of art Marilisa di Giovanni.
2016 | ‘The body of painting’ Raul Gabriel, Brescia, Paolo VI Center, conference with Elio Franzini current rector and professor of Aesthetics at the University of Milan, Giancarlo Lacchin researcher of aesthetics at the University of Milan and Raul Gabriel.
2017 | “Art in dialogue. Representation and writing ‘. Meeting with the Italo-Argentine artist Raul Gabriel on Divisionism, Sacred Art and the works of Raul Gabriel, Museo Diocesano Tortona.
2020 |  cycle ‘La Via della Bellezza’  Catholic University of Milan, intervention entitled Art and modernity at the invitation of Umberto Bordoni (director of Christian art and head of Beato Angelico of Milan).
Screenings of Xfiction in Assisi (2009), Spoleto, Festival dei due Mondi (2009), Pavia, Broletto (2014), Brescia Piazza della Loggia and Duomo Vecchio (2015).

Contributions and publications

2011 | ‘The challenge of modernity: art rethinks sacred architecture’, in ‘Review of Theology’ LII, 2011, 473-489 Presentation by Paolo Gamberini SJ.
2016/2020 | Collaboration with the newspaper Avvenire on the themes of art and the sacred, still ongoing. Publication in the Agorà section of the six-part series ‘The spirit of the place’ (2018) on architecture and the sacred and ‘Altar, infinite concrete’ (2019), in four episodes.

Paolo Bolpagni, art critic and director of Fondazione Ragghianti of Lucca, writes : «The attempt to combine these outcomes with the contemporary products of the creative talent of an artist like Raul Gabriel, with his Black paintings and White paintings, works that shrink from a clear separation between figuration and aniconism, may seem bold. Two series, moreover, that move in different directions: the “whites”, with their filamentous trajectories, halos and sign-like lumps, in the search for an intimate structure of the real, evoked not by way of “similarity” or analogy but rather by formal equivalents that denote precise entities of the physical being; the “blacks”, thickened with dense enamels and corrugated surfaces, designed as investigations and experiments of pure pictorial fact, the optical and mental make-up of vision, of the refraction of light on matter. Paradoxically, therefore, it is in the Black paintings that we can see a meticulous study of the rendering of the phenomenon of light and its specific nature, in which a theoretical kinship can be identified with the divisionists’ research and methods. ».

Alessandro Beltrami , art critic, art journalist, musician, writes:

In this lie the deepest processes of the painting of Raul Gabriel. Certainly, his works are the outcome of a complex operation in which the margins of decision, control and risk are in flux and so the final result is evidence of an “event” even before the outcome of the project. But the continuous change in time and space in the persistence of the given form ensure that the work is a “living body”. According to the Brazilian pedagogue Paulo Freyre “el mundo no es, el mundo està siendo”. Replace the word “mundo” or world with “painting” and you will have one of the best definitions of the work of Raul Gabriel.