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la Rivoli2 Foundation in Milan will host Raul Gabriel "The Glorious Nothing" (prologue) with which the artist presents his freedom concept, or its apparent opposite: having nothing. Having nothing is a condition of freedom.

Raul Gabriel presents his polystyrenes inside the Pacta Salone, the first Metropolitan Theater on the Milanese scene managed by the PACTA DEI TEATRI association

RIVOLI2 Foundation presents Raul Gabriel the Glorious Nothing (prologue)

Exhibition project and live performance in four measures by Raul Gabriel curated and promoted by the Rivoli2 Foundation
In collaboration with PACTA dei Teatri, the Rivoli2 Foundation presents Raul Gabriel's project "The Glorious Nothing" (prologue) with which the artist presents his concept of freedom, or its apparent opposite: having nothing. Having nothing is a condition of freedom.
Freedom is for Gabriel like a joyful trauma, which reveals the new paths of his experimentation. This is where polystyrene is born as a "dazzling light", says the artist.
In the gray London days of the bow church studio, among the Afro-Asian gangs, the mold and the Vietnamese vegetables gone bad, the polystyrene by builders are born, arrived with a construction truck, unlikely even to be hidden in the insulation of a ceiling, enormous and out of scale to the studio space where they seem compressed about to explode they are corroded with epoxy glue and a version of nitroglycerin similar to kryptonite; certainly deadly, but wonderfully acidic.
The polystyrene, thanks to the solvents and the magnificent stench of London, are reminiscent of the putrefactions that Soutine was looking for in his beef quarters that had gone bad for weeks. They are the perfect image of how that absolute nothingness reveals the purity of dirt that is what keeps us alive and awaits its redemption in a never-completed transfiguration. Their nature constantly oscillates between the folds of decomposition that tends to the sublime and powerfully brings out the “Glory of nothing”, that is, of what is perfectly concrete but relegated to common perception. The Nothing discarded from the acceptable categories shows its Glory. Raul Gabriel presents his polystyrene inside the PACTA theater space. dei Teatri living room via Dini, a newly opened theater on the Milanese scene.
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