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“An indecipherable relationship between case and cause. An indecipherable relationship between scriptures and forms. The regurgitation of the concept that becomes magma, dense bodily matter. There is no boundary because there is no difference in substance. The problem is elsewhere. Yet it touches the body until it is pierced. Maybe the body is an idea. And the idea is as thick as  vomit. It is always elsewhere. In writing it lays. In the sign it lays. But then writing escapes and becomes otherness also for those who think and practise it. Through cutting, infinite depth. Selfcontained in the space of a letter.

It is mesmerizing the way limit allows infinity to expand. ‘ Raul Gabriel

From the beginning in human culture we can observe two fundamental caesuras. The first can be summarized under the heading ‘invention of linear writing’; the second, which we are witnessing, under the heading ‘invention of technical images’ The struggle of writing against  image itself, of historical conscience against magic, characterizes the whole story. With ‘writing‘ a new faculty appeared, which we can call ‘conceptual thinking’, consisting in abstracting lines from surfaces, namely: creating texts and deciphering them. The intent of the texts is to explain images, that of the concepts is to make representations understandable. The texts are therefore a metacode of the images.

In the videos, ‘WAR’  and BREAD Raul Gabriel recomposes the caesuras, the ‘historical conscience’, strengthens with the ‘magical conscience’ . Through a wise and engaging use of audio, the fracture between texts and technical images is stitched, becoming a visual score.