Contemporary sacred or sacred contemporary?

We all use the words sacred and contemporary as two distinct entities. Instead they are the synthesis of the complexity of a single body that we want to think divided for ease of management. But the body rebels against any attempt to tame it. The single body made up of members includes contemporary (that is, contemporary art in the common sense) and sacred within a single vital, articulated and complex thrust, always lingering there. These few lines from my reflection on Avvenire 30 03 2018 they say about the unitary body, which constantly escapes our control and thus redeems us even without our permission.

“(…) revelation brings conflict. In its link with everyday reality, with common life, tangible events. Yet the revelation, if it is really such, is the very backbone of all reality, the primary motivation and its goal.

Confining revelation to the limits of what is acceptable is a contradiction. But accepting its devastating potential for destabilizing our usual appears inhumane.

One place, by its admirable nature, surpasses all this with its very essence: il corpo. Our body, which is given to us and for which we can exist, is structurally indifferent to any idea of ​​acceptability. It is made to constantly upset her. Our body is the concrete action of revelation. It lives of impregnability, restlessness, wonderful mystery and fleeting explosions. We try to tame it, confine it, make it manageable, even avoid it. Yet we are that body. The corporeality is multifaceted, it is like a tree with many branches. But whatever it shows, it's still meat. The gesture is the shape of the body. Thought is the form of the body. (…) ”Raul Gabriel

The body thrives on diversity, difference and displacement. This is why it is alive and allows us to inherit existence. Nothing escapes the body and there is no form that captures it in totality. Forms are members of a body that decides how and where to appear or hide: two ways of the same existence.

Sacro contemporaneo Xfiction Raul Gabriel ©
Xfiction Raul Gabriel © still from video
Raul Gabriel The Glorious Nothing
Raul Gabriel The Glorious Nothing